American Indian horse

The American Indian Horse is any horse of Spanish origin that has evolved to adapt to a particular environment within the United States, with or without breeding from humans. The title American Indian Horse does not refer to one specific breed; rather, it applies to any breed that has proved itself capable of withstanding a distinct ecotone, whether it be the high plains of the Midwest or the low swamplands of the South.


There is no single characteristic typical of this type, because the American Indian Horse Registry has not just one single breed or stock but is rather a group that has developed over time in the Americas from Spanish stock. At the most general, the American Indian Horse stands between 13 and 15 hands high and comes in any colour from solid to lilac roan or peacock spotted leopard.

It does not have small feet in comparison to the body structure, overly muscled/fat body style of the ‘modern’ horse breeds or overly straight legs.


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