Horse Colours…

Here is a list of colours that a horse/pony could be…

Bay: Bay horses have black lower legs, mane and tail. With a dark brown body it is a dark bay or a light brown for bright bay (right).




The Roans: There are three different types of roans blue roan (right) , red roan (left), and strawberry roan. There coats are produced by white hairs mixing with black (blue roan ), white with bay (red roan), and white with chesnut (strawberry roan).



Dun: A dun varies from a mouse colour to a sandy colour with dark skin, with a black mane and tail (left).




Chestnut: A reddish brown colour with a simular coloured mane and tail and usually white socks or stockings (right). A liver chestnut (left) is a deep orange colour covering the mane, tail, and coat.



Brown: A horse with a mixture of black and brown hairs over the body and a black mane,tail and legs (right).




Piebald: A piebald is basically a black and white horse (left).




The Tri-coloured: This horse colour is both a piebald and a skewbald, being black, white and brown (right).



Skewbald: A skewbald is much the same as a piebald except rather than being black and white it is brown and white (left).



Black: A black horse has a black coat with a black mane and tail (right).




Palomino: A light golden colour. The mane and tail can be lighter than the coat (left).





Sorrel: Sorrel is mainly the same as chestnut but more red (right).





The Greys: There are several different types of greys. Flea Bitten grey is a white horse with dark flecks throughout the coat (left). Iron grey is a very dark type of grey covering the mane, tail and coat. Cremello is a cream coloured horse with blue eyes. Albino is a white horse with pink skin with pink eyes. Dapple grey is a white horse with dark grey circular patches that give a dappled effect (right).




Buckskin: Black mane, tail and points with a dun, golden or cream coat colour (right).



Tovero: Large white patches often with a dark face and white legs (left).




Overo: There are two different types of Overos, The Splash Overos (left) and the Frame Overos (right). Splash Overos have their legs and underbelly covered in white with a white face and tail in one colour. Frame Overos are a black, brown, bay or chestnut colour with irregular white patches throughout.



Appaloosa: The Appaloosa’s coat is covered in small spots. There are different types of Appaloosa colours that the horses can have. Blanket (left) – A white area over the hip area with spots the same colour as the base colour within that area. Leopard – A white base colour with spots all over the body of different sizes. Snowflake – Base coat is covered with small spots or flecks. Frosted (right) – Dark points on the knee and

  • hocks
  • with white flecks throughout the coat.



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