Anglo-Arabian horse

An Anglo-Arabian is a Thoroughbred/ Arabian cross & either parent can be a member of either breed (or another cross). However, the remaining offspring must have no more than 75% & no less than 25% Arabian blood.

The breed was originally started in France, in 1836 under the care of the French National Stud Service. Although the Thoroughbred & Arabian bloodlines are closely related & have been crossed before.

Average height 15.2 – 16.3 hands
Size & conformation varies because of the many crosses
Often taller & less refined than the average Arabian
Strong & correct action
Springy jumper

Chiseled & refined head, not overly dished in the profile
Long slightly arched neck
Short, strong body with a deep barrel
Legs are long & strong

Traditional Colors
chestnut | grey | bay

Intelligent & high energy
Built for speed & endurance, a great competition horse
Tough & always willing to go

Sport horse
Eventing horse
Racing horse
Pleasure riding horse



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