Andravida horse


Also called the Eleia, Ilia, or Greek, the Andravida which is a very rare & mysterious light draft breed found in the region of Ilia, Greece.

Their ancestors were cavalry horses used by the Athenians in the fourth century BC. Later, in the seventh century BC the Greek cavalry again used the Andravida for war.

During the 13th to 15th centuries Arabian blood was used to refine the stock, which created the lighter animal known today. Traditionally, this breed is not bred outside of Ilia, which is the main reason the horse is so rare today.

Average height 14 – 16 hands
Large, strong horse

Unremarkable head
Chest is deep & muscular
Legs are stocky & powerful

Traditional Colors
black | chestnut | bay | dun | palomino & buckskin

Strong & willing draft type

Riding horses
Work animals

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