Welcome to my website. As you may already know this website will be about horses. There will be anything and everything put on here about horses. If you can’t find what you want just comment or send a question and I will see what I can do.
I hope you find this website interesting.




  1. Hi I am looking to identify some unique looking horses/ponies.
    I have a few pictures… I appologize for being mostly ignorant,
    my curiousity is ticked though, I hope yours is.
    The horse/pony looks stocky like a quater horse, has dun colors with the dorsal stripe and is similar to Przewalski (it can’t be though, can it?).

    • Hi, just send me the pictures and ill see what i can do 🙂

  2. hi Probably strange question bearing in mind Appaloosas are spotted but is there such a thing as a jet black Appaloosa?

    • No. I don’t think there is such thing as a jet black Appaloosa. Sorry

  3. Turns out they were Fjord Horses : http://www.horsemanmagazine.com/2008/08/norwegian-fjord-horses/


    • Ok. That’s cool 🙂

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